The Ladybirds

Val is the classroom leader in the Ladybirds class

Sarah is the classroom teacher in the Ladybirds class

This room is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of all children aged 3 years old and above. We provide excellent facilities and a safe and happy environment where children can grow in confidence and learn new skills. We develop learning through play and a carefully planned programme to develop physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills at their own pace and level, using developmentally appropriate activities and equipment.

The classroom is designed so that resources and activities are accessible for all children. Each day, there is access to a number of different activites, that are regularly rotated, which promotes choice. We enable children to develop social independence skills which they will utilise during transition periods.

Also in the Ladybirds:

  • Larger home corner area
  • A large space allows for lots of physical activities to be done inside when the weather is very bad.
  • This room has a large water and sand play area which allows children to learn and explore using their senses.
  • Focused early literacy area where children have the opportunity to focus in a small group or one to one with an adult. To further support development, children take part in a daily activity called 'Dough Disco', this supports children's fine motor skills and with their writing.
  • In the Math's area we have introduced Numicon's which is to make numbers real for children through them being able to see and touch them, for example, counting each hole or shaping them into sequence. Each numicon gives children an image of what the number looks like.