Does my child have to attend all day?

No, we run morning and afternoon sessions with the option of your child staying for lunch. We do have a minimum of two sessions a week for any child. As a pre-school, we find that children benefit socially when they attend at least the minimum two sessions a week.

When can I visit the nursery?

If you wish to visit the nursery please contact Sharon or Val by phone or email and they will be happy to help arrange a suitable date for you to visit.

How do I organise a play visit?

We will contact you closer to the time to arrange three play visits for you and your child. The first visit will be 1 hour long and you will be required to stay the whole hour. The second and third play visits will depend on the child and how well the first visit went, but tend to last 2 two hours. You may also be required to stay for a short while once your child has started the settling in process to support him or her.

I have visited the nursery, how do I put my child's name down?

If you have decided that Alban is the place you would like to start your child’s education, we recommend that you download the application form from the website and return it to us with an original copy of your child’s birth certificate. This will secure your child’s place with us. We do not require a deposit.

When can my child start?

Your child can start after they turn 2 (in term time).

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

No, all we ask is that you provide all the nappies, wipes and nappy bags for your child. Staff are qualified and have up to date DBS certificates. No student or volunteer will change nappies.

Is my child entitled to funding?

Every child aged three years is eligible for 15 free hours. Which they will receive the term after they turn three. The eligibility dates are as follows: 

If your child is born between 31st December – 31st March (Spring Term) they receive funding in the summer term.

If your child is born between 1st April – 31st August (Summer Term) they receive funding in the Autumn term.

If your child is born between 1st September – 31st December (Autumn Term) they receive funding in the Spring term.

We have limited places for two year olds who have funding already in place.

What is the keyworker system?

The keyworker system is in place to ensure that children have the opportunity to make special bonds. The keyworker selection is based on information that is provided by the parents in the 'All About Me' booklets. The responsibilities of the keyworker will be to support the child and the parents during the settling in process. This may be greeting the child at the door to ensure a familiar face is there or arranging a home visit. The keyworker will then ensure that the child is given opportunities to build friendships with other staff members and children that are in the pre-school. Your child’s keyworker will write in a weekly diary informing you of some of the things that your child has enjoyed that week, this is a good line of communication between home and nursery and supports partnership. The keyworker will be responsible for changing your child’s nappies and the observations of your child, however, as a setting we feel that it is important that an opportunity to catch a child developing is never missed and all staff members will be able to upload observations (via Tapestry).

Do we conduct observations?

We work under the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), staff will observe and guide children to ensure that they meet the milestones that are set out within the framework. These observations will be checked and uploaded weekly. Every child will have a minimum of one observation per week.

Do we only celebrate the Christian festivals?

No, we accept and enjoy celebrating the differences in all cultures and religions.

What should I put in my child's lunch?

As a setting, we promote healthy eating, we ask that no sweets or chocolates are given to your child for their lunch. We also ask that you take consideration for allergies that other children may have. We have a strict NO nut and NO kiwi policy. We do not re-heat food that you provide and ask that this is taken into account.

Do you do snacktime?

Yes, we have two snacktime sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We charge parents/carers 75p per day towards the cost of fruit or vegetables so that we can provide children with a much needed balanced diet of five-a-day. We provide milk and water at snacktimes. Children are encouraged under supervision to cut their own fruit and vegetables to promote independence.

My child was sick last night, can they still come in?

No, we have a 48-hour policy (your child must be sick free for 48 hours).

The doctor prescribed my child antibiotics, can they still come in?

Yes, however, to give an example, if your child has a throat infection, antibiotics will usually take 3 or 4 days to get into their system. This will therefore be a settling period, so your child will need to be off until the antibiotics have started to take affect. We don't administer antibiotics, so parents/carers will need to come in to administer them. However, we do administer long term medication. 

Is there a car park?

We have a short stay car park at the rear of the building for dropping off and picking up children only.

Is there a sleeping area/room?

Yes, we do have a sleeping room. Although we reserve this for children attending a full day.