Christchurch, Pennefather Hall

St Albans Rd Barnet EN5 4L 




Alban Pre-School


Here at Alban Pre-School we are very passionate about giving back to the community. We started a project back in 2017, where we would take a small group of children next door to the Open Door Centre. Once there the children would interact with an eldery group on people form the Chipping Barnet Day Centre, by playing games, taking part in execrise sessions and the most precious times singing nursery rhymes.

Since then this has grown into a wonderful project for all, we now attend a group visit every second monday in the term time only. Planning session are attend by both mangers/leaders of the organisations, to further develop and enhance the experience to both the children and eldery. 

Children involved in intergenerational projects have better reading and communications skills, are more school ready, and demonstrate more empathy.

The sessions Improve the emotional wellbeing of children, the children go home and talk about the wonderful times they have had in these session and cant't wait for the next session. This term we have increased the sessions to include lunch, thus making more time to interact with each other. 

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