Lily is the classroom leader for the Butterflies

Dawn is the classroom teacher for the Butterflies

We feel very passionate about this stage, we believe that this is when children begin to explore their world with new found intensity. This is a wonderful time for learning the skills that will last throughout their lifetime. The way we support children's development is by closely observing what your child likes doing and designing activities that help them achieve their next steps around their interests.

We also encourage all parents to contribute to their child’s individual learning journal, which has photos, observations and children’s work and shows their progress throughout nursery.

Some of these new skills are as simple as feeding themselves or pouring drinks, which they get support with. We aspire to give your child a feeling of independance and we support their success as they conquer new skills. We are lucky at Alban Pre-School to have such a great outdoor space and we utilise it to make sure the learning that happens inside continues outdoors too.

Children love routine, it makes them feel safe. So our days have regular activities that provide stability but we make sure this is done in a fun and appealing way.