Red room

The red room

Jamie Brown is the room leader for the red room. He currently holds a BA Hons Degree in Early Childhood Studies (2015). I base my professionalism on the belief that the foundations of a good education, is what will mould children into the adult that they will become in the future.

Doesn’t time fly? Before you know it your child will be on the beginning stages of their journey/transition to reception. This is when we work hard to bring out our aim of seeing bright, highly achievable children who are emotionally, socially, educationally and physically ready for the next stage.

School readiness skills are a key aim at this stage, building on the work done earlier on in the nursery to build confidence and independence. The aim for the nursery is to ensure our children have begun to develop skills that will support the further development. These include, an understanding of letter sounds and reading. We also focus on developing strong social skills as this key transitional moment in a child’s life can be daunting.

All children are encouraged to think critically, solve problems independently and take controlled risks.

Also in the red room:

  • Has a large interactive whiteboard to develop children’s literature skills

  • The room has a live fish tank to help children further develop their knowledge of caring for things around them

  • Children have the to opportunity to cut/prepare their own fruit/vegetables at snack times, this supports childrens self risk assessment skills in a controlled environment.

  • Children’s development will be documented via their termly learning journeys (diaries) and via the online development of tapestry