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"We have been so happy with Alban nursery for both our boys. The staff are amazing, really knowledageable and my boys have come on so much through the power of play and with the encouragement and a variety of activities on offer. The massive garden with lots of balls and digging area helps of course!"

Sarah Wilson

“Both of my children went to Alban Pre-School. They were very happy and content there. I always felt safe that my children were in a fun environment, where they were properly looked after. I would highly recommend Alban Pre-School to anyone with small children”

Tanya Jackson

"Joshua has loved his time at Alban, especially playing in the amazing garden space which offers lots of learning opportunity"

Laura Newberry

"My son has learnt a lot from being here at Alban. The staff are very good here as well. Most importantly he loves it here"

Sam Catchpole

"Alban Pre-School is a loving fun place. Fay enjoys her days there and often talks about what she does. If we walk past she always comments that her nursery is there. The staff are welcoming and friendly and always willing to help. I hope that my younger grandchild will be able to go there when he is old enough. A great experience."

Thanks Mary

My son, now 4 has been at Alban Pre-School since he was 2, and my daughter joined him a year ago. They love it. It’s a warm, friendly, down to earth, fun-filled nursery school. My son loves playing in the garden, making model rockets, drawing treasure maps, learning about planets, school trips, singing and playing games. The variety amazes me, from races in the garden, pretending to be on a boat, car washing on sunny day, games such as duck duck goose, and what’s the  time Mr. Fox, too creative learning inside. There is a perfect balance of fun, and child-led spontaneously  also activities developed further for order children, daily routine: queuing up outside waiting to start the day, cutting and preparing fruit for snacks, singing a song to begin story time. Being called to come to the door to be picked up, the staff really do feed from the interests of the children, and teach them about the wonders of the world. The nursery has always been flexible with extra sessions when I’ve needed and they have space.  The greatest joy is  you get to know the community as you wait to go in each day, on school events (plays, outings, parties) so that you can see who they play with and also meet mums and dads. The staff seems to love their jobs and as a result the children love their nursery. An added bonus is a weekly diary about what your child has done that week and a super online report system with pictures and videos on what your child’s been up to.

Madeleine Lustigman 

Daniella says it's "good" She loves painting and cooking pasta

"Everyone is very caring and happy. It's the best environment for a child to feel safe, cared for and educated"

Lauren Fox

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