Children are our focus, learning is our goal

Sharon Dwyer

Manger & Proprietor

Jamie Brown

Deputy manager


I have over 30 years experience working in childcare. I hold a BA Hons Degree in Early Childhood Studies, as well as an NNEB Certificate and certificates in Makaton, Early Talk Boost and Small Circles. I am the nursery SENCO and have training and experience working with children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. I strive to use my training daily to support the children in my care. I enjoy seeing children achieving their full potential, learning new skills and building new friendships. After 4 years away from Alban Pre-school, I have returned full-time as the Manager and Proprietor.

"I currently hold BA Hons Degree in Early Childhood Studies (2015) I have 17 years experience working with children. What I love most about working with children is that they are always teaching me how to explore new activities for their development. I have two children of my own and I love being able to take activities home and support their development. I enjoy seeing children's faces when they have achieved their own goals" 

Hi, my name is Kaltrina. I currently hold a BA Hons Degree in Early Childhood studies (2018). I have 8 years experience working with children of various ages. I worked at Alban Pre-School for 7 years and gained amazing experience. However, I took a short break away from Alban where I broadened my knowledge of childcare working in a school. I have returned back with more knowledge and understading of how best to support childrens development and give them the best possible start, for children to flourish throughout their years  

"Hi, I am Jacqueline. I have over 9 years experience working with children.

I am a CACHE Level 3 Early Years Practitioner. I really enjoying working with children as they are really honest and unique, every child is individual and they all have their own character and it is a honour to work with them."


"Hello my name is Valmira. 

I have 15 years of experience working with children. I have 4 children of my own, 2 of them are teenagers and 2 younger children. I am a CACHE Level 3 Early Years Practitioner. I enjoy working with children because each child is unique with their own little personalities, which makes each one of them special. It is a great feeling to settle them in and then see them happily come into nursery every day."


Hi my name is Elidona. I currently hold a CACHE Level 3 in Early Years. I'm a qualified bio-chemisty secondary teacher in my country of Albania. I have been working in the early years for a while now and have gained a great deal of experience from my previous workplaces

I enjoy working in the early years where it gives me the opportunity to work closely with children and to gain a better understanding of how they think, learn and grow. 



"Hi, my name is Nicole.

I am currently studying at Barnet and Southgate college towards my CACHE Level 3. I hope to gain a permanent job at Alban Pre-School. I was inspired to work with children from my own experience looking after my younger siblings and cousins."

We regularly take students from Barnet and Southgate College as part of their work based practice development skills.

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